Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New Pennsylvania License Plate Celebrates Hunting Heritage

Proceeds from sales to be used for conservation initiatives statewide

         Hunters are known for putting on drives. 

            And drivers now can make known the pride they take in being Pennsylvania hunters. 

Pennsylvania’s new Hunting Heritage license plate – an official plate issued by the state Department of Transportation – is available to order from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

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            Each plate costs $56, of which $25 goes to the Game Commission to be used for conservation initiatives. 

Commemorative patches and decals featuring the Hunting Heritage logo also are being sold, for $5.66 and $2.83, respectively.

Those looking to order a license plate can most easily do so by visiting the Game Commission’s website,

Order forms for license plates, patches and decals, as well as the PennDOT application form that’s needed to get a plate, all can be printed from the website. To find these forms, simply click on the Hunting Heritage License Plate icon pictured on the website’s homepage. 

Game Commission Executive Director R. Matthew Hough said the license plate is a great way for Pennsylvanians to show the pride they take in perpetuating the state’s rich hunting heritage. Moreover, Hough said, purchases of the plate stand to benefit many worthy causes. 

One-third of each $25 payment the Game Commission receives for each plate sold goes to programs that distribute venison donated by hunters to a network of food banks statewide. Meanwhile, the other two-thirds will be awarded through grants to sportsmen’s clubs to conduct activities that promote sport hunting, youth hunter education, or the conservation and enhancement of game species for current and future generations. 

“Pennsylvania always has been a leader in conservation, and hunters have been the key to it all,” Hough said. “By purchasing their Hunting Heritage license plates, hunters have the chance to further contribute to conservation and, at the same time, show their pride in Pennsylvania’s hunting tradition and what it represents. 

“I can’t wait to put one on my vehicle,” Hough said.

 Hunting Heritage license plate

            Pennsylvania’s new Hunting Heritage license plate is now available to order for $56, $25 of which goes to the Game Commission to help fund conservation initiatives. 

            The plates are issued in sequential order only, and cannot be personalized in any manner. 

Specialty license plates, such as the Hunting Heritage license plate, also cannot be customized to add a disability insignia; however, use of the hanging disability placard affords vehicle operators the same privileges as a disability plate. 

Those purchasing Hunting Heritage license plates should not let their vehicle registrations lapse, and should renew as normal. Purchasing the plate does not automatically renew registration. You will not be paying twice for this specialty plate, as the $56 fee for the plate does not affect your registration. 

When your new plate arrives, it will have a new registration card and sticker with your expiration date. It does not matter when in the registration cycle you get this plate. 

Because the plates are made in consecutive order as applications are submitted, it takes about six weeks from the time PennDOT receives an application for the plate to arrive in your mailbox.

Specialty plates are not duplicated if lost.

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