Saturday, July 13, 2013

PA Doe License Updates Available Online!

Hunters can check how many tags remain, and see if they got one.
Updated WMU Map For 2013/2014
Hunters who are anxious to know if they've been issued an antlerless deer license can track the status of their applications online.
Antlerless licenses for the 2013-14 season went on sale July 8, and as county treasurers process applications and allocate licenses, the information immediately is updated within the Pennsylvania Automated License System (PALS).
Hunters also can check the latest information on the number of licenses that have been allocated, and how many remain for sale in each wildlife-management unit.
To check on the status of an application, go to the Game Commission’s website (, and click on the blue “Buy a License” box in the upper right corner of the homepage.
That click will take you to The Outdoor Shop, where the first option on the page begins “Purchase Fishing and/or Hunting License Permit and or Application.” Click on that option, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Start Here.”
You then will need to enter identifying information, and click “Continue.” Next, verify whether you are a resident or nonresident, then scroll to the end of your personal information and choose “Check on the status of an Antlerless Deer or Elk Application.” Click “Continue,” and any licenses that have been allocated to you will appear.
Many hunters report they appreciate the ability to check the status of antlerless licenses online. Before the updates were available electronically through PALS, hunters curious about an application’s status needed to contact their banks to see if checks were cashed by a county treasurer.
Hunters also can use PALS to verify their applications for the elk-license drawing are recorded accurately. The hunters whose names are drawn also can see their status information online.
The application period for antlerless deer licenses started July 8, when county treasurers began accepting applications from residents. Nonresident applications for regular antlerless deer licenses will be accepted beginning on July 29. After that, residents and nonresidents may apply for the first round of unsold antlerless deer licenses on Aug. 5, then a second round of unsold antlerless deer licenses on Aug. 19. 
Beginning Aug. 5, for WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D only, there is no limit to the number of unsold antlerless deer license applications an individual can submit until the allocations are exhausted. This must be done by mail only, and there is a limit of three applications per pink envelope.
Beginning Aug. 26, county treasurers will accept applications over-the-counter for WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D, and may immediately issue antlerless deer licenses. Hunters may apply over-the-counter to county treasurers for any other WMU with antlerless licenses for sale on Oct. 7.

Updated allocation totals for antlerless deer licenses also are available at the Game Commission’s website. Select “Doe License Update” from the “Quick Clicks” box along the right side of the homepage. This update provides a real-time status of antlerless license allocations and availability by WMU, and helps license applicants to determine which WMUs to list as their first, second and third preferences when they submit applications.

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