Saturday, November 20, 2010

"How Dare David Price Legally Hunt Record Bear"

There has been a ground swell of opinions and accusations over the new state record black bear and how it was taken (see comments from post below).  We've followed the forums and watched intently as the facts finally unfolded.

We are relieved that the findings of the PA Game Commission have found nothing wrong was done and all regulations were followed. Mike Kuhns, Sports Editor of the Pocono Record, has published the following:

How dare David Price legally hunt record bear

November 20, 2010 12:00 AM
Let's all point the finger at David Price, the hunter from Cresco who killed a so-called tame bear, and call him the bad guy.

He's the guy who's wrong for killing Bozo, the record 875-pound black bear near Fernwood Resort on Monday afternoon.

He's the guy who fired the fatal shot from his crossbow.

He's the guy who knew there was an innocent, overweight bear walking the woods of Pike County.

He's the guy who "» did absolutely nothing wrong.

That's right, Price did nothing wrong when he, three brothers, a cousin and friend eventually tracked and killed what the Pennsylvania Game Commission is calling the largest weighing bear on record.

Many on Internet forums are calling out Price for killing the bear — an animal that was fed for years by Leroy Lewis, 71, who lives near Fernwood Resort. It was Lewis who fed the bear to the point where the bear would come to Lewis' doorstep looking for food. It was Lewis who fed the bear cakes and sweets to keep him around.

"He didn't do the bear any favors getting him acclimated (to people)," said game commission Northeast Regional Director Steve Schweitzer. "We have lots of bears that will take as much free food as they can get."

And Bozo ate. And Lewis fed him — obviously a bunch.

"I knew there were some large bears in the area," said Bill Marks, a member of Indian Mountain Gun Club. "I used to work in the park. I've seen my share of them."

Each year, the park is swarmed by hunters like Price, hoping to bring home a bear. And yet it's the opinion of many in the community — hunters and non-hunters — that it was Price who was in the wrong.

Really? Let's assume that Price knew the bear was in the area. That's no crime.

In fact, the game commission says Price didn't break any laws, but in fact it was Lewis who was cited in October for illegally feeding the bears.

And now the bear is dead, shot by a hunter who was following every rule in the book. Let's all point the finger at him and say what a bad guy he is.

The record bear should be remembered as the trophy it was. As for Price, the negative publicity has caught him off guard.

Maybe some day Price can enjoy the moment of harvesting a record bear. He deserves that much.

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For those who think this was just a tame "pet" bear doing no harm, please read the following:


Anonymous said...

I cant stand hunting, every year IS LIKE A WAR ZONE ON ANIMALS...kill, kill, and kill......Easier to kill then nurtue. All you hunters suck and one day god willing we will stop having our war with nature. Live and let live, get the hell out of the stone age and grow the hell up. Trophies my a---....

Anonymous said...

You belong to al qeada. Go hug a tree!

Anonymous said...

Please. How hard was it to 'hunt' this bear. Dave Price is lazy.

Anonymous said...

I hope Bozo's ghost will from this day forward put big long scratchmarks on David Price's vehicles, because Bozo deserved to live. He was a noble animal and we are mad, so mad, that he was killed in that way.

Anonymous said...

What sport is there in shooting a tame bear?

Anonymous said...

Price had a perfect right to kill Bozo the bear under Pennsylvania law. That's not what troubles me, what troubles me is any consideration by a hunter that five guys, killing a tame, grossly overweight bear could be considered the pinnacle of anyone's hunting career. Did I see a post somewhere by someone who claimed to be a relative that Price had a supply of twinkies on him. Yeah..great white hunter he is.

Anonymous said...

do think it was a very sad day for all !!!
the man that did feed him must be very sad now,
the man that did say he did not know of the bear well only he know's the truth !!!!

carlos rojas said...

im wondering if any of these bozo lovers care about the HUMANS who have to deal with bears on their front porches

Anonymous said...

Its not a question of legality, its a question of morality. A person who takes pleasure from gunning down something, anything, has to have something fundamentally wrong with their neurological set up.

Anonymous said... is sickening. David Price will burn in hell. He used Bozo's friendly nature to kill it dead. Whether or not the old man should have been feeding it doesn't matter. Price KNEW about Bozo and went looking for him. There has been no story about Bozo that DOESN'T portray his friendlier-than-normal nature and out of sheer greed, personal gain, and "bragging rights", this loser goes and kills it. It's a shame that bear didn't get David Price and it's a shame he doesn't live closer to me. I'd LOVE to pay him a visit.

Mrs Price said...

First...Hello to Carlos from Carla...Jeff's wife! Second, I totally agree with you! If that bear had attacked that old man at some point it would be ok to kill it, right? Tamed animals (even pets)turn on owners all the time. This is one big animal to have turn on you! Everyone needs to get their facts straight. Do any of you complainers have any idea how the animals are killed to put meat in the supermarkets? GOOGLE THAT! Then you just might want to be part of the "stone-age" ways we do it!!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with you people a black bear is a black bear. You wouldnt be saying nasty thins about Mr Price if the bear was coming after you for it's next meal you all would be saying kill the bear. So shut the hell up and give David Price the credit he deserves. Nice going David keep up the hunting.

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