Friday, May 23, 2014

Attention Camp Cooks: Game Recipes Wanted

A new edition of the Pennsylvania Game Cookbook is in the making.

          What’s cookin’ in your camp?

          Are your sherried doves to die for? Does your venison pot roast define “good eating?” Do others always rave about your sweet-and-sour pheasant? 

          The Pennsylvania Game Commission wants to know.

          Wild-game recipes are being collected and considered for inclusion in a new edition of the Pennsylvania Game Cookbook.

          The cookbook, which was last printed in 1979, is being brought back by popular demand, said Lori Mitchell, who heads up the Game Commission’s Public Information & Media Services Division.

          “Quite often we get phone calls and letters from people asking if we still sell our cookbook,” Mitchell said. “Some of them are looking to replace a well-worn copy, others might be looking to pick one up for a gift. 

          “As more years pass there seems to be more and more interest, too, so we decided to bring back the cookbook, and make it better than ever,” she said.

          To that end, the Game Commission is looking for a heaping of help from all the camp cooks out there.

          Whether fired on a spit, browned in a pan or charred on the grill, the Game Commission is interested in any big-game, small-game and migratory-bird recipes you’d like to share as your favorites. 

          The deadline for submissions is June 30.

          All submissions should include the recipe title, the ingredients and measurements, preparation instructions, the number of servings, and the name or initials of the person submitting the recipe, as well as his or her hometown. A photo of the finished meal also may be submitted.

          Recipes can be sent by email to, or mailed to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, 2001 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17110-9797.

          Cooks also are welcome to submit their favorite recipes from the previous edition of the “Pennsylvania Game Cookbook.” Those recipes might be included in a “Tried, True and Tasty” section.

          Those submitting recipes should note that not all submissions will be included in the book, and recipes will not be returned and might be edited.

          The cookbook is planned for publication later this year.

          All submissions are welcome, said Game Commission communications specialist Brittany Howell, who is compiling recipes for the book.  The aim, she said, is to include a variety of game recipes sure to please any palette. 

          “In many ways, this cookbook is a celebration of Pennsylvania’s rich hunting and trapping heritage, and every additional recipe we get only will make it better and better.” Howell said. “You might say that, in this case, there’s no such thing as ‘too many cooks.’ So please send in those recipes.”

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