Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Field and Stream Store Now Open In Cranberry Twp, PA

Finally made it over to the new Field and Stream Store (link) that opened yesterday in Cranberry Twp, PA north of Pittsburgh. Very awesome! Had a lot of ammo in stock too. Got a brick of .22 High Velocity (525 shells) for $22.99. A box of bear and deer load .44 mag for $49.99 and a box of .380 HP for $22.99. They had more ammo in one room than I've seen since you know who took office! Great fly-fishing dept too! Click on pictures to enlarge.
Just hours before I went over to the new Field and Stream Store in Cranberry they held a "Duck Dynasty" themed wedding (lots of camo) in the middle of the store. Just after the "I do's" Willie walked over and surprised the bride and groom! How cool is this!

Some walking around pictures...

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