Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PA 2013-2014 Seasons And Bag Limits Adopted; Doe License Allocations Set

Includes adoption of new Wildlife Management Unit 2H

HARRISBURG – The Board of Pennsylvania Game Commissioners today adopted seasons, bag limits, and elk and antlerless deer license allocations for the 2013-14 license year, which begins July 1. The board also finalized the inclusion of Wildlife Management Unit 2H during its quarterly meeting.

An antlerless deer allocation of 839,000 was approved by the Board for the 2013-14 seasons. Allocations by WMU are as follows: WMU 1A, 49,000; WMU 1B, 31,000; WMU 2A, 49,000; WMU 2B, 62,000; WMU 2C, 43,000; WMU 2D, 61,000; WMU 2E, 22,000; WMU 2F, 29,000; WMU 2G, 28,000; WMU 2H, 6,000; WMU 3A, 23,000; WMU 3B, 39,000; WMU 3C, 35,000; WMU 3D, 32,000; WMU 4A, 28,000; WMU 4B, 24,000; WMU 4C, 27,000; WMU 4D, 35,000; WMU 4E, 26,000; WMU 5A, 19,000; WMU 5B; 50,000; WMU 5C, 103,000; and WMU 5D, 18,000.

The board also approved an elk license allocation of 86; 26 will be antlered elk tags. Allocations by Elk Hunt Zone (EHZ) are as follows: EHZ 2 – 3 antlered, 10 antlerless; EHZ 3 – 2 antlered, 6 antlerless; EHZ 4 – 3 antlered, 2 antlerless; EHZ 5 – 4 antlered, 11 antlerless; EHZ 6 – 3 antlered, 12 antlerless; EHZ 7 – closed; EHZ 8 – 1 antlered, 1 antlerless; EHZ 9 – 1 antlered, 4 antlerless; EHZ 10 – 3 antlered, 5 antlerless; EHZ 11 – 1 antlered, 1 antlerless; and EHZ 12 – 5 antlered, 8 antlerless.

Other highlights of the new slate of seasons and bag limits included subdividing WMU 2G into two WMUs, which are now recognized as WMUs 2G and 2H (they will be featured in the 2013-2014 Pennsylvania Hunting and Trapping Digest); allowing qualified adult mentors to transfer one Deer Management Assistance Program antlerless deer permit to a youth they are mentoring as part of the Mentored Youth Hunting Program; changes to fall turkey seasons in several Wildlife Management Units to accommodate ongoing research; a return of the statewide snowshoe hare hunting season with a shortened season in WMUs 3B, 3C and 3D; increased daily and season bag limits for beavers in certain WMUs; and the addition of WMUs 3A, 3D and 4E to the list of WMUs open for fisher trapping. Another change eliminates the extended regular firearms season in WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D, except in Special Regulations Area counties – Allegheny, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, which will retain the extended regular firearms season in these WMUs.

Hunters and trappers – particularly those setting vacations for this fall and winter – also are advised that several seasons will open or run about a week later in the 2013-14 license year to accommodate calendar swings – related to the timing of Thanksgiving – that occur about every seven years.
A listing of most 2013-2014 seasons and daily bag limits can be found by clicking here

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