Saturday, May 22, 2010

May Monthly update

The next monthly membership meeting will be Thursday, June 3rd at 7PM. 

Some updates from the May meeting and from the Board of Directors meeting are:

The restroom remodeling is now complete.  Both the men's and women's restrooms have been expanded to accommodate wheelchairs and are designed to meet all handicap requirements. Bull Creek's grounds are now completely handicapped accessible. 

The next capital improvement project approved by the Board is the parking lot expansion.  Three options are being considered:   A) Only expanding out about 75 feet beyond the end of the current parking lot.                      B). Doing "A" PLUS adding a short road and parking expansion behind the archery range. C) Doing "B" PLUS dressing (flattening) the area above (uphill from) the current parking lot for more capacity.

The wheel Horse tractor will be replaced shortly as the 30+ year old machine has seen it's last mow. The Board is leaning toward a zero turn tractor.  This should be acquired before June.

The field planting has been completed with corn for wildlife.  The Board held lengthy discussion on long term habitat improvement for the upper field areas.  This will take a few years and of course money to accomplish but the end result will be upland hunting areas that will hold game birds for the club membership to enjoy!  More updates at the June meeting.

The West Deer Police cannot hold their annual Hunter Safety course in August this year due to date conflicts with their Community Days event.  Bull Creek has partnered with them for the past 10 years or so.  The Board voted to move this course to Bull Creek tentatively on August 6th and 7th.  The date will be confirmed shortly and posted here.  Sign-ups for Hunter Safety Courses are all done online now at the game Commission's website.

2010 Bull Creek Annual Picnic; Last years picnic chairman cannot run the event this year.  We need someone to step up to help out.  On the plus side, it was decided we were too close to the event (August) to try and sell fundraising tickets so the Board voted to approve all monies from the general fund.  If you are able to chair the picnic committee this year you will not have to worry about tickets.

The clubhouse water quality was addressed (again).  With the new restrooms completed it was decided to look into a new Culligan Water system (or update the old one) ASAP.  the new fixtures are already showing discoloration due to the high sulfur content of the well water. One of the Board members has volunteered  to head this up.

New red traffic lights are now installed on the shooting ranges. Use these when going out to hang targets. This is a new safety feature! The 30 yard range has a new wire mesh backstop. We are experimenting with it to see if it is more durable. Please hang targets with wood clothes pins.

The Youth Rifle Shoot will be held on August 29th from12 noon to 5PM. If you would like to volunteer to help please email  This will be open to kids age 8 to 16 and will use .22 caliber only.  Sign up information will be posted soon.

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